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Angela Ford’s PROVOKED is FREE! September 1st-5th 2016
Her husband’s actions provoked her but his death haunts her...

Secrets, lies and hidden agendas bring Detective Riley Briggs closer to the truth. What   scares him more is that he’s fallen in love with a woman who got away with murder.


What are readers saying about Provoked...
“As a fan of Angela Ford’s work, this is one of her best, most suspenseful and ingenious stories. The cast of characters offers a taste from sweet to evil, gullible to controlling, with passion and sexy to cruel and devious. The dialog takes the reader on this roller coaster journey with an unexpected surprise at the end. Keep your friends close and your enemies even closer!” - Amazon Reviewer -
“Angela Ford weaves a tight story of intrigue and murder in the novel Provoked. Basia is a woman provoked by the man she thought loved her to do the unthinkable.”- Amazon Reviewer - 

Excerpt from Provoked...
Basia reached for the vial she’d slipped in her pocket once the coffee brewed. Her trembling hand released the poison into his thermos and secured the lid. She placed the empty vial back in her pocket. Basia planned to discard it along their hike on Eagle’s Path. He’d forced her hand to his demise. Darek left her no choice. She knew her actions were wrong but his actions had provoked her. She reassured herself there’d be no possibility the thallium would be found in his blood. If his body was found, they’ll report his death as a hiking accident. His fall from the cliff will be noted as his cause of death. I’m just helping his fall. Basia looked out the window at the beautiful scenery she hoped would ease her nerves.
“Moja kochana, are you ready to hit the trails?”
His voice startled her from her thoughts. She didn’t turn to face him. She couldn’t. The scent of his cologne hit her, and then she felt his coarse hands lift her shirt and slide around to her belly. I’m not your love.

In the beginning she’d craved his touch. Now it sickened her. He leaned in closer and blew his hot breath on the nape of her neck. His throaty moan cried out arousal. The sudden hard grind of his groin against her backside confirmed it. She worried she’d have to make love to him one more time before she killed him.

Best of’s FREE! September 1st to 5th, 2016
Hope you’ve had an amazing SUMMER...I hope to help you FALL in love with more reading! Ange
 Escape with a Book by Angela Ford
Romantic Escapes :

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Oh!Canada! It's FREE! CyberCrimeBoxedSet

Gripping FBI Crime...

Agent Jessica Resario's compulsion to protect teens from online predators only puts her life into the hands of a serial killer. Old ghosts, secrets and an inevitable attraction to her boss send her on an emotional roller coaster. With mysteries of the past to solve and a serial killer to catch...can Jess confess her love...

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 Escape with a Book by Angela Ford

Escape with a Book by Angela Ford

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Secrets, lies and hidden agendas bring Detective Riley Briggs closer to the truth. What scares him more is that he's fallen in love with a woman who got away with murder.

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Escape with a Book by Angela Ford

Saturday, April 30, 2016

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His actions provoked her but his death haunts her. 

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Escape with a Book by Angela Ford

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Cinderella for a Day...with Angela Ford

Cinderella For A Day...

Join me!
I'll be at the Glass Slipper Sisters page on Facebook: Sunday, March 13, 2016 
(all day I'll be posting games & trivia and giving away Cinderella swag)
Here's the link :

Cinderella is the fairy tale of all fairy me, anyways :) I remember the story and then watching the movie. Falling in love with it every time I read or watched. Even my prom gown was Cinderella color and style :)  Like most little girls, I wished that I could be Cinderella for a day… Heck, I still have that wish! 

My love for Cinderella enticed my story Spellbound Cinderella. A modern day Cinderella romance where Tess wishes she could wake in her Cinderella body...well, she does but only has 24 hours to make the most of it. Will she have the courage now to ask Parker out? Sometimes all we need is a little boost of self confidence...

I teamed up with 14 authors who also wrote Cinderella stories! The Glass Slipper Sisters! Together we put together Cinderella's Treasure Trove. A unique sampler book to tell you about our and party ideas! And it's FREE!!! Pick up your sampler here: 

So if you're a Cinderella gal too...come take over the Glass Slipper Sisters page with me on Sunday, March 13th. Drop by anytime throughout the day :)

Here are the prizes up for grabs!(contests will be open all day long) 
Angela Ford is responsible for her game prizes. 

 Spellbound Cinderella by Angela Ford

Join me at Glass Slipper Sisters page to WIN!
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WIN! Angela Ford's Cyber-Crime Series Signed Paperback Set

Cyber-Crime Series

WIN! Signed Paperback Set

February 23, 2016

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  My cyber-crime series is about an FBI team of profilers that work endlessly to keep teens safe from online predators. I created a special FBI task force called the ISTF (Internet Security Task Force). My main character, Agent Jessica Resario, is compelled to protect teenagers from those who prey on your children. Jess doesn’t always follow protocol, which only puts her life in the hands of a serial killer…and usually a suspension. So far there are 3 books...the 4th coming this year! Closure, Forbidden, Obsessed...the 4th is called Craved. It started with CLOSURE...closure to that deep dark secret Jess didn’t know about. Then she was FORBIDDEN to love anyone but him. Believing her life had settled as she steps down from the lead of her FBI team of profilers that hunt down the internet predators lurking your life becomes her number one focus. But an OBSESSED stalker wants what she has. This year Jess’s daughter is CRAVED by a stalker....She’s back and determined to protect her daughter at all cost! STALK me on my website

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Mother's Day Magic Cover Reveal

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Every mother’s heart holds a bit of magic…her children’s love. Enchantment awaits in a dozen 

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fashioned from loving memories, these poignant stories are sure to touch your heart.

10% of proceeds from this anthology will go to

the National Multiple Sclerosis Society toward research.

Angela Ford Social Media Contact Info:
Website/Blog: Romantic Escapes: